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Trains, planes and elephants.

It is an unlikely combination, but Mr David Shepherd OBE MBE has a great interest in all three subjects.

The steam trains have been a life long passion since his early childhood, and the thrill of standing on the footplate of a steam train racing along the track has remained with him ever since.

In fact as he became more successful as an artist, he was able to indulge in this passion, not only by painting some wonderfully atmospheric works of art, such as 'On Shed', Giants at rest', 'Over the Forth', Scotsman '34', 'Willesden shed', but by saving several engines from the scrap heap and restoring them to their former glory so that they could be enjoyed by all.. Even to the extent of bring an entire steam engine overland from South Africa. Aeroplanes were a part of his early career, the RAF commissioned him to paint from several locations including the Middle East.. which helped with the contacts and placed him in an environment suitable for the launch of main and highly successful career as a wildlife artist.

Although he had started life wanting to be a game warden in Africa.. this was not to be... It was not until he began painting the wildlife, and in particular Elephants did his career really launch itself to the heights of international recognition.

With many journeys to Africa and India, David Shepherd had soon built up an impressive portfolio of original work that had become highly sought after, and with the technology of modern printing, many of these paintings were used to produce signed limited edition prints, therefore enabling a greater section of the general public to own and enjoy his work.

All this began around the early 1960's, and throughout the years of painting, David Shepherd turned his mind to the sobering reality of world resources, the conservation of our planet and our attempts to save the many struggling species in the world.

Fifty years later, he has not only become probably the most sought after wildlife artist in the world, but has managed to save countless species of animals through the money he has raised, and continues to give talks throughout the country on the important need to look after our fragile planet and its inhabitants.

Over the last decade man's awareness of the necessity to 'save the planet' has become more serious. Once the domain of well meaning young people... Now politicians throughout the world are meeting in order to 'reduce CO2' and consider the implications of the world's actions on the wildlife, plant life and human life.

David Tatham, fine picture dealer for more than quarter of a century, has an extensive knowledge of Sir William Russell Flint's biography. Signed, prints and drawings can be seen and purchased from the website.

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