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Stanley Spencer

"Helter-skelter" Widely regarded as one of Mr Spencer's famous vibrant oil paintings.

Stanley Spencer was born in the beautiful town of Cookham in Berkshire, England on the 30th December 1891. His family was one of creation and imagination with a talented younger brother (Gilbert Spencer) who was a great landscape painter and a father (William Spencer) who was a music teacher.

His brother was born in 1892 and died in 1979. Stanley Spencer studied under Henry Tonks and others at the Slade School of art at university college, London. Stanley loved his home town so much that he would regularly take a train ride to visit in his spare time and was soon given the nick name Cookham by his study colleges. Stanley liked the name and at one point he even used it as his real one. Stanley Spencer has a naive style that is influenced by Giotto and the primitive colours of Paul Gauguin. The most ambitious piece of art that he did was a cycle of 19 paintings.

Although both artists choose to do their work in naive styles they both have a different way of going about it. Stanley Spencer helter-skelter is very different to the daisy nook painted by artist L.S.Lowry which is a crowded and busy town fair with the trademark colours of Lowry's work which are greys and dingy colours always showing the age of the industry (this may have something to do with his child hood) were as Stanley's painting are more vibrant and colourful although they are not bright.

The people in the daisy nook painting are done in what is known as match stick men, which makes the appearance of it seem overcrowded and joyful. With families and couples moving this way and that looking very busy. As said he has a love for industry and in the distance there is a large industrial factory.

Lowry tries to draw as much as possible not only with people but also with buildings as there is a large variety of shy's and tents. Whereas Stanley Spencer focuses souley on one building and unlike Lowry who's viewpoint looks like it is from slight height in order to see so far Stanley's is from slightly under and looks up the building showing the helter-skelter's height. Stanley also uses much more vibrant colours and because of this and his focus on one building his paintings seem more vibrant.

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