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Signed Prints Of William Russell Flint, David Shepherd And Lowry

For ages the term "artist's print" has taken different meanings and forms. Thanks to the availability of various improved technologies, artists these days are able to produce different options of their art work and produce multiple images of their work.

In early days, artists used their hands to produce a print. Several types of methods were adopted such as etching, engraving, embossing, block printing, silkscreen, lithography etc. These were adopted with the sole aim of producing multiple impressions of the same painting. Several editions of the painting were sometimes created. The order of the prints was written as a fraction of the editions and the artists signed these copies of paintings and they were sold as signed limited edition prints. Though these paintings were originally in oil, pencil, watercolour or any other medium, the art of printing became a genre by itself. These inspired prints were often modified so that they can adapt the method of print that is chosen.

In recent years, the printing methods have advanced so much that the artist can actually produce exact editions from his original through color printing. These involve a new set of operations like dye sublimation, gicl etc. With proper care, these reproductions will have the exact colors and can be produced to have a larger size or a smaller size. And even a whole new range of substrates can be used. Though these signed prints lack the actual texture, an illusion of the said texture can be easily generated.

Signed prints can be bought at a lesser price that of the original painting, but one cannot find much difference (apart from the texture) between the original and the signed reprints. The original paintings that use the medium of pastels, watercolours and drawings are well suited for reproduction.

L.S. Lowry's Work

Many of Lowry's work are pencil drawings on white backgrounds that it makes extremely possible to create signed reprints of his work very easily. Some of his pencil sketches have been reprinted and make excellent collectible items for art enthusiasts.

David Shepherd's Work

A small percentage of David Shepherd's works are reproduced specifically to provide funds for endangered species. This provides enough money to help the various causes based in Africa, Asia and other continents with endangered species. Sometimes even being reproduced as table mats, tea coasters, and posters and in various other formats.

William Russell Flint's Work

William Russell Flint mainly concentrated on illustrations of myths and historical events that make his signed prints very much in demand among the connoisseurs of art. The older Signed prints of William Russell Flint are very collectible and sought after.

If you are interested in buying signed prints always take in account the budget you are willing to spend on it. Though it's a fraction of the original, the print is an investment nevertheless. If displayed under glass with proper framing, one can create a stunning illusion of originality and look very similar to the original painting.