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Life And Work Of L.S. Lowry - A Renowned British Landscape Artist

L.S. Lowry was the only child of R S Lowry and Elizabeth Lowry. Born in November 1887, Lowry was an Irish by birth. Though he was born in Rusholme, Manchester, Lowry attended the local school at Victoria Park and took home lessons from the famous William Fitz. Later on he started working as a Clerk for a charted accountancy firm in 1904. Then he took up painting classes at Municipal College of Art, which is now the famous Manchester College of Art, between the years 1905 and 1915. At the college, Adolphe Valette was his mentor.

In the year 1909, L.S. Lowry had to move to Pendlebury, Salford due to his parents, where he spent the next 40 years of his life. At Salford, he attended the Salford School of Art, which gave raise to his interest in landscape, both urban and industrial. In the year 1919, he exhibited his work in Paris Salon along with Manchester Academy of Fine Arts.

The year 1930 saw him exhibiting his work at Royal Academy in London. In the year 1945, Manchester University awarded him honorary MA, followed by Doctor of Letters in 1961. He was elected into the Royal Academy in 1962 and in 1965 he obtained the freedom of City of Salford.

If one is known for recording thee landscape of Salford and Manchester according the culture and period, there is no one better than L.S. Lowry. His work reflects these two industrial towns in distinct forms in both before and after II World War period. His work gives a comprehensive record of these two towns before and after the war period. He painted many seascapes and portraits of people apart from industrial landscapes. L.S. Lowry was regarded as a great humor artist and had a great insight about human nature.

Oh all his work, L.S. Lowry was maximum renowned for his "Matchstick Men". His art work include over 10,000 renowned pieces that range from rough sketches to well finished oil paintings. Later part of his life, he seemed to have concentrating on stick figures either in group or as lone figures. During this time he produced large amounts of pencil sketches which are now collected by various collectors and are valued very high.

The status of L.S. Lowry in the list of British artists of the 20th Century was moved up by several notches when his artwork "Going to the Match" was bought at a record price of £1.9 million by Manchester-based Professional Footballers Association at an auction.

In 1976, this great artist met his untimely death while staying at Mottram but was marked by a distinct homage paid by the people of Manchester in a unique way. Death of Lowry was celebrated by many art galleries as they thought he died without an inheritance. But unfortunately he had left all his work to Lowry, a girl student who had asked him for some advice ages ago.

A major collection of his work can be now found at Manchester's premier gallery, The Lowry Centre in Salford Quays.

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