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Journey Through La France

France is a large country by comparison to England, over twice the area. It is very diverse and has many varied landscapes and extremes of weather. Snow capped mountains in the Massive Central, Grenoble and the Pyrenees mountains, give way to lush, green fields. The south of France is notably drier and warmer, there is a marked difference primarily due to climate between a city such as Bordeaux, Toulouse or Carcasonne to Paris, Lille or Calais. In the south of France the way of life seems slower, more 'laid back', people have the time to stand and talk, or perhaps share a coffee before carrying on with their daily lives. Primarily grown in this region are fruit and vegetables, such as, oranges, figs, kiwis and of course grapes, flourish in the warm southern climate.

The Atlantic coast has always been known for its rough seas, and is a favourite with surfers, sailors and fishermen alike. From south of Bordeaux to the tip of Normandy there are many very quaint fishing villages that have become tourist hot spots. English people often enjoy visiting Britanny and Normandy, which can be compared to a French 'Cornwall' from the point of view of climate and landscape... The only trouble of course is the weather. It can be glorious sunshine, but similarly it can be cold and torrential rain, one of the disadvantages of booking a holiday in the north of France.

Dordogne in the south west of France has long been a favourite destination of the British tourist, in fact many have come to stay and enjoy the long hot summers and relaxed way of life. Such a marked difference from the nine to five existence we often find ourselves trapped in.

Dordogne has a lot to offer the British tourist, a flavour of the french 'facon de vivre', the goumet cuisine, the wine, beautiful countryside for long relaxing walks, and of course those long hot summer days that we often long so much for when in England.

Renting or buying a property in Dordogne is surprisingly inexpensive. Local flights by the budget airlines can offer fares from one to twenty five pounds if you keep an eye out for special offers. The tunnel has helped to reduce car journies by upto hours, and your destination can easily be reached in a day's travelling, although many people prefer to stop off and enjoy the hospitality of a hotel on the way.

The Dordone is full of lakes and to some extent a fisherman's paradise, people keen on fishing travel from all over Europe to enjoy the thrill of landing a sixty pound Carp... not everyone's 'cup of tea' it must be said. The region is well known for its controversial pate 'Foie Gras', a super smooth and expensive pate that is made from the diseased liver of geese or ducks. Also this is the area of the 'Truffle', the fungi that are found under the soil near certain species of trees. Truffles are very expensive in France and their location is always a highly guarded secret.

David Tatham has travelled extensively throughout France and lived in the country for many years. He has a wealth of information and knowledge on the culture, the cuisine and les vins. His website can be viewed at and if you are thinking of visiting, we would highly recommend the Dordogne area of southwest France.

David Tatham, fine picture dealer for more than quarter of a century, has an extensive knowledge of Lowry's biography. Signed, prints and drawings can be seen and purchased from the website.

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