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Investing In Fine Art

Works of art have become an encouraging investment in today's market trend. A high quality painting by a recognized artist, promises an increase in value over time. Considering a well-renowned artist with an extensive body of artworks is the key. David Shepherd is an artist whose work a collector should consider for investment.

David Shepherd is an internationally-known wildlife artist who has been working since the 1960's. The themes for his paintings range from animals, landscapes, locomotives, portraits, to aviation and military subjects. But it's his lush, realistic paintings of African endangered species that have captivated many for over 40 decades. His most famous works of art are "Tiger in the Sun", "Tiger Fire" and "Elephant Heaven". These vivid oil paintings depicting the animals in the full majesty of their natural habitat have truly enthralled art critics the world-over.

Many of his paintings have been published as signed, limited edition prints. While these prints are usually photo lithographs, there are also other mediums for reproduction using silkscreen and giclee printing.

David Shepherd had originally aspired to become a game warden in Kenya but was rejected. He then returned to the UK and worked as a hotel receptionist for a time. Despite his pressing financial situation, his father insisted that Shepherd polish his skills in painting and should receive formal training. However, his application for the Slade School of Fine Art in London was refused. David eventually found a mentor in Robin Goodwin, a professional artist who trained him for the next three years.

In his early years of practice, David's work was focused primarily on aviation subjects. He started to garner attention with his very first wildlife painting of a rhino that was commissioned by the Royal Air Force. From there, it appeared he had found his niche with his highly-detailed animal paintings.

Throughout his time as an artist, David Shepherd has received numerous awards and recognitions. To name a few, he was a recipient of an Honorary Degree in Fine Arts by New York's Pratt Institute, the Order of the Golden Ark by The Prince of Netherlands, and the Order of the British Empire for his efforts to preserve wildlife. He has founded the Shepherd Wildlife Conservation Foundation with the goal to help conserve wild and endangered animals.

In the world of arts, Shepherd is a celebrity whose exhibits are held in Europe, Africa and the United States and receive both commercial and critical acclaim. A signed, limited edition print can range from 100 pounds to over 4,000 pounds and his original paintings sell for many thousands. Regardless of price, there is a continued demand for his signed print reproductions. His paintings have become valuable additions to many private collections throughout the world today.

Investing in paintings is an interesting, albeit, risky business. Some experts believe that this form of "alternative investment" generates capital gains rather than dividends because it can outlast more conservative means of investment. High quality art has the longevity and endurance to weather economic slowdowns the way most non-commodities can't. In this light, David Shepherd's accomplishments as an artist spans a good lifetime - with many signed, editions and collectibles for the serious art investors.

Over time, Shepherd's efforts and talent have paid off and he is now an icon in the field of visual arts. His paintings are truly an investment, for their value can be measured not only by his success but for the sheer classical beauty of his masterpieces.

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