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The Famous Holiday Destinations In France

France is a country that tens of millions of people head to for their holidays each year, and for good reason. It's excellent infrastructure, long history, and spectacular scenery place it high on the list of many vacationers. Before you decide on whether it is a land that you will enjoy spending a week or two in, take a moment to consider whether the following draws and attractions would be of interest to you.

The country can count numerous cities that exude a charm and elegance the like of which is not available anywhere else. To start with, the French capital, Paris, is home to a wide selection of fascinating sights, from Notre Dame cathedral to the Eiffel Tower, as well as countless laid back cafes and welcoming restaurants, and the graveyards of such cultural icons as Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde. Other interesting cities worth checking out include Lyon, Marseille, and Strasbourg.

The landscape of France is rich and varied. The rugged and windswept rocky headlands on the Normandy coast feel a world away from the green rolling hills of the Dordogne. Let's not forget that the country also features a swathe of majestic Alpine scenery, the like of which attracts visitors year round.

French cuisine is famous internationally, in fact chefs trained here can be found working in some of the best restaurants in the world. No matter where in the country you choose to visit, you can be sure that your taste buds will be treated to a number of culinary delights.

Alongside great food can be found excellent wines. No matter whether your palate prefers red or white, you can sample some of the finest wines that are currently produced. Specific delights can be had in the regions of Champagne, Burgundy, Provence, and Bordeaux. There is always the opportunity to take a tour of some of France's best vineyards, and see for yourself the time honored practices that go into producing the highest quality wines.

Many people enjoy shopping when on vacation. A holiday in France offers a multitude of shopping options no matter what your taste or budget. Whether you base yourself in a city or a resort, you can have access to popular brand names as well as trendy boutique stores. What's more the cost of buying gifts and luxuries is quite reasonable, especially if traveling from North America or the UK.

French culture is renowned globally, and this has been the case for centuries. If you find yourself visiting Paris, a trip to the Louvre is a must. Here you can check out work created by such greats as Cezanne, Da Vinci, Monet, and Van Gogh.

Whether you choose to stay in a quiet villa in the Dordogne or an elegant historical hotel in the heart of Paris, the romantic atmosphere that fills the air is tangible. France is the perfect destination for couples to head to when wanting to get away from the stress and worry of modern life. Your only regret may be that at some point you have to return back to your own country.

David Tatham has travelled extensively throughout France and lived in the country for many years. He has a wealth of information and knowledge on the culture, the cuisine and les vins. His website can be viewed at and if you are thinking of visiting, we would highly recommend the Dordogne area of southwest France.

David Tatham, fine picture dealer for more than quarter of a century, has an extensive knowledge of the biography L.S.Lowry. Signed limited edition prints and drawings can be seen and purchased from this website.

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