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Wildlife Survival Across the Globe

The threat is real and increasing everyday. Thousands of endangered wild animals, various species of Tigers, Rhinos, Elephants and many other animals are being killed as we read this article, for 'medicine' and other 'ancient remedies'. Together with the recent upheaval in Kenya, the political situation is now desperate, the inhabitants are struggling to survive. The unrest, car bombings, kidnappings, and the overspill of troubles from Somalia have all come to make the country less stable as a tourist destination, on which Kenya has done so well, with its beautiful safari areas, and the great game reserves.

There are a number of people who care greatly to help this diminishing population, and are working in and out of the country to raise money that can be used to buy areas of land, and protection in the form of game wardens, and equipment such as jeeps and helicopters. This is essential to prevent the ever increasing battle against the extremely lucrative trade of illegal poaching.

Kenya is just one of many locations in the world where its animals are suffering at the hands of mankind.

The Arctic circles are home to many creatures, whales, polar bears, penguins and so much more. Due to the global warming crisis, we see the ice melting, and these great areas being reduced in size to catastrophic effect.

The Far East, China, India and its surrounding countries all have their parts to play in the survival of certain animal species which are home to only a small section of the world.

The problem is, that often where help is most needed for these beautiful creatures, the inhabitants of the country have many difficulties of their own, poverty, starvation, disease, war, corruption, homelessness, and until these problems can be solved, they simply cannot help their environment.

However, it is not all doom and gloom, there is a massive amount of work being done across the world in all manner of ways.

Celebrities often help by raising large amounts of money at dinners and social events, and some people, in particular, those which have been fortunate enough to have worldwide success with their wildlife paintings, have made it their lifetime ambition to help save and protect the world's wildlife.

The survival of the planet's wildlife is linked side by side with our own survival, as we develop both mentally and physically, our needs change and grow. It is important for us all to have a balanced, stable world that encourage and nourish its inhabitants.

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