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David Shepherd - Paintings, Wildlife Conservation And Much More.

One of the most financially rewarded painter of UK, David Shepherd has a less than negligible critical status in the art world.

His paintings and signed work have brought pleasure to many people and his work regularly features on posters, mats and commemorative plates. The main subject of his paintings is African wildlife amidst a grand environment of the wild Africa. He paints nothing other than wildlife and portrays them in the same mono style of a low point of view and composing them in pyramid structures.

There is almost no change of style between his paintings except for the animal subject and its placement. His painting style is very unique and combines the super effect of a photograph and a impressionistic nature. One can see a flurry of brush activities in each of his paintings. While most of his pictures are bright and dazzling, the shadows are hard and dark so as to achieve an effect of theater and drama.

Though it is very hard to criticize a renowned artist like David Shepherd, he uses a formulaic excess and repeats his painting approach very much. The professional work of David shepherd has a magical quality of subtle distortion and hesitation of strokes giving it an additional quality. His work shows a combination of odd asymmetries and shadow areas that are clumsy and smudged and have a successful harmony.

This imperfection of his adds to the genuine nature of his work and is seen as a superficial technique. This is clearly seen in the unfinished sketch of a Tiger that was in progress. One could easily see the imperfect strokes and the abrupt smudges.

David Shepherd is known for his heartfelt sincerity and magic in his painting. His sincerity is so uncomplicated that it makes up for the sarcastic criticism he makes at his contemporary artists. His work is known to have brought out unhindered emotions from his fans and in many cases tears in public.

It is said that his sincerity for his work far exceeds his talent or his ability to paint. Today David Shepherd is more known for his contribution to wildlife conservation rather than professional paintings. His David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation makes sure that enough funds are available for the conservation of African Wildlife.

His first interest in wildlife conservation was sparked by his expedition into an African bush. The sight of a water hole that was poisoned and huge number of dead zebra lying around it, made him vow to do something for the African wildlife.

He then went on to become a world renowned campaigner and devotes most of his time for this cause. On 1979, David Shepherd received an OBE "for exemplary services and contribution to wildlife conservation". He was also appointed in 2008 as the Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

Some of his best paintings include Tiger in the Sun (1977), Elephant heaven(1973) etc. He is mainly known for his paintings of Elephants and Tigers.

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