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David Shepherd: Artist Conservationist

David Shepherd is classified as Naturalist Artist, Painter, and Conservationist. He was born in 1931 in the town of Hendon, a suburb of London England. At the age of 8 he won a children's' painting competition sponsored by the magazine "Nursery World". After completed all levels of school he had hopes of being a Game warden and then travelled to Africa in hopes of becoming one. To his disappointment he was summarily rejected. Throughout his early life rejection seemed to haunt Mr Shepherd. Though he was declined admittance to the Slade School of Fine art, luck would turn around when he was spotted and taken under the grooming wing of Robin Goodwin. Over their three years of working together Goodwin would help him achieve his artistic eye despite the two have a caustic working and learning relationship, Goodwin never gave up on Shepherd. Many considered Shepherd to be the master of what is considered " Bad Art". Over the years he painted what he saw and in the method that felt comfortable. His ruling day came when he made a trip back to Africa and witnessed a poisoned watering hole with multitudes of dead zebra. And from there he began to paint what he had seen on the savannah, the plains and regions of Africa. His most reproduced and sought after paintings and prints are of his large elephants. His painting style now was of naturalism and his composition gave the viewer a sense of size, texture, and feel for the actual place and time without the need for photographs. "Enveloping, invoking and witness", one artist critique said.

In 1960, life took a turnaround not only with the discovery of the zebra slaughter at the watering hole. But at that moment with his disgust, and anger he became a conservationist. His passionate voice about what was happening to the wild animals of his beloved Africa extended into his own life and into his own pockets. That day set the groundwork for forming a proactive conservation group, David has given much of his time and money in helping this great cause in which he believes so strongly. Through the sale of his art and gaining HRH Prince Michael of Kent as his Patron plus the support of celebrities his work grew and extended into the funding and training of personnel for the protection of wildlife in Africa. One of the most important projects the foundation does is the rehabilitation and care of a baby wildlife including elephants, rhinos, lions, tigers etc. whose mothers have been hunted and killed by poachers. He has paved the way to supply funds and materials and needs to care and teach these endangered species. Since 1989 Mr Shepherd has been awarded many honorary degrees in fine art and honorary titles for his contribution to saving wildlife conservation, and he is still very active today. While he mentions in every interview that has been done, that he spends every waking moment painting", he also admits paints not only for his own livelihood but for the needs of those he helps, the wild life.

Permanent exhibitions and installations with his collected works abound. The Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum in London and The Mall Gallery in London contain some of the largest collections of Shepherd's works. He also has a traveling show of selected works to introduce everyone to the cause and his artwork. Mostly centred in the UK, The National Museum of Wildlife in Wyoming features two of his paintings "Lion Resting" and "Four Gentlemen of Savuti".

Today. Mr. Shepherd's' art is highly prized and sought after, values continue to reach record highs. Lithographs, are one of the most sought after pieces of art work that he produces. Affordable to those who want paintings but cannot afford them. Investors of his original paintings have seen their value quickly escalate as they trade hands. Investing in original lithographs while not as high as for paintings does command a higher price as the years go on, especially if the lithograph has something special about it. Regardless of choice of medium, the beauty of David Shepherd's paintings and signed, limited edition prints is enjoyed and appreciated by many thousands of people throughout the world, and he is recognized as one of the world's foremost wildlife artists.

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