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David Shepherd - A Wildlife Artist With A Cause

Born in the year 1931, David Shepherd is now recognised as a leading wildlife artist all over the world. He has dedicated his life to conserving the wildlife population and he works especially hard on the many endangered species of the world.

It was the success of his painting of African Wildlife, which made David Shepherd realize and take a decision to consider his contribution to the balance of nature. He is one of the many people on planet earth who has come to fully understand the absolutely urgent need for change in order to save the wildlife on our planet. Fortunately, David Shepherd's fame as a prominent artist helped him leverage his "celebrity" status to help the endangered species that were on the brink of extinction.

His first painting of an African bull elephant was done in early 1960's; it was published and distributed by Boots. Published as a poster print, it was titled the "Wise old Elephant". No one was so certain about the publication but it sold in millions and overnight David Shepherd attained stardom. A beautiful career ensued since then. He then released a series of autographed, limited edition prints. Every single edition of the 850 prints was sold in a matter of hours and there was always a waiting list to get his next publication.

Even a small dormouse print that David Shepherd published in 1990 as part of a limited edition set of 1500 prints is now valued at approximately £750-850. Collectors that are looking to buy art for investment, find all originals and initial work done by David Shepherd are very highly highly sought after. The most famous and noteworthy works of this great artist most surely are, "Tiger Fire", "Tiger in the Sun" and "Elephant Heaven". It is said that very few wildlife artists attain the success or the investment value that David Shepherd enjoys. Though many collectors simply buy his work as an investment, they enjoy the pleasure of David's paintings adorning their walls also.

David Shepherd lays great emphasis on his values and works hard to achieve them. He has appeared several times on television and through his televised discussions, drives home his value of conservation and preservation of the endangered species that inhabit our planet. He has managed to raise thousands of pounds to help the conservationists around the world.

He actively supports various innovative and far reaching projects that aim at preservation of wildlife and endangered species. He works hard to retain his values and work in a committed way towards wildlife conservation. So far this year he has raised over £4million in grants to various conservation projects to save severely endangered animals in Asia and Africa.

He celebrated his 70th birthday in the year 2001 by raising over £100,000 for wildlife projects; and he hosted a fundraising dinner at the Natural History Museum. David lives in West Sussex with his wife and four daughters who are known to share his passion for wildlife conservation and are equally involved with world conservation, and the saving of endangered species.

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