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Buying Your First Painting As An Art Investment

When you visit the museums you may be in awe of the paintings and vases that are displayed. And when you go to the home of a friend you may be equally amazed at what they have hanging on their walls. As they tell you about the paintings they own you can see the value they place on collecting art as an investment.

They may be beautifully crafted paintings. They can be admired for the lovely colors, the design, or perhaps the style that the artist portrays. And it is possibly something that you would also love to see hanging in your own home. Perhaps you know something about the artist that painted these particular pieces. When you do that makes the experiemce even more personal for you.

Having heard of their work you know that they are considered to be an up and coming artist. Right now the work they create is relatively inexpensive. But as they gain in popularity you are aware that the prices will climb in the near future. And if you make your selections now they could become very valuable to any collection.

By deciding to make a purchase you could be on the way to starting your very own collection. This is one that does not need to include just paintings. Artistic talents come in many varieties. You could diversify your selections with sculptures, as well. Or perhaps you have other items you wish to collect that you have considered in the past. Rugs, tapestries, and even snuff boxes are considered to be valuable collector items.

A good collection for many people means not only the monetary value but how they feel when they are admiring it. The painting could stir something deep within your soul and provide a beauty in your life that you have longed for. When you are gazing at the picture hanging on the wall you could be seeing something else entirely, and that is what gives it the artistic value.

For others, they collect based on what they might gain from it. Perhaps they seek the admiration they see in other peoples eyes when they stare at a particular piece. Or they might be considering what they would receive at a sale. If the artist has recently passed on, they might think of what this has done in financial gain for the items they own.

Beginning to collect can be as simple as visiting an art exhibition. You will be able to get an idea of what a person would be expected to pay for certain works. But it would also give you a chance to see the new artists and purchase their work before the price gets too high for your budget. And you can see what the current fashions lean toward.

As you examine what is currently popular you can determine your own style of artwork. Your collection could have many items that you are not overly fond of but they could be a great art investment. Choose some of your items based on your preferences and others based on future value. By being very discriminating you could end up with a collection that will be admired when people visit your home.

David Tatham, fine picture dealer for more than quarter of a century, has an extensive knowledge of Lowry's biography. Signed, prints and drawings can be seen and purchased from the website.

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