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British Investment Paintings

The chances are you will be asking yourself, what precisely is British artwork investment? The simple answer is, British artwork investment is a piece of artwork, created by British artists, and acquired for the sole objective of making revenue on its sale after a certain interval of time. What quantifies artwork as an investment is a lot bigger query, and the answer encompasses many items, from the artists resume and coaching to the current art market and even to degree the buyer's budget, likes and dislikes, and their unique aims and reasons for buying a particular piece.

British art investment may be anything from a recent abstract limited version Giclee print to historical oil paintings by a well-known master, a pastel landscape, or perhaps a sculpture, or mid-19th century watercolour. The type of artwork does not matter, so long as there is a market for it. As with any type of investment, there can be a risk if you decide to speculate on a product with the hope that it will increase in value. Some would be cautious towards online shopping for art and investment, saying the market is just too fragile, as art changes with the times, and the possible for loss can be large.

Unlike bonds and stocks, which can typically be sold soon after purchase, sometimes for a good return, shopping for British art as an investment is more likely to need a long term plan. Except if you are purchasing large value pieces from already or renowned well managed artists who are in demand and possibly in short supply, you may have to keep your investment a good while, or to find a purchaser once you want to sell. With that in consideration, you should not pay money that you cannot afford to have tied up in an investment for a long period of time.

An important point to remember is, you must also consider the purchase of a piece of artwork that you truly enjoy, and as it is going to probably be a piece of your existence, and hanging in your home adorning your house walls, for long time. Should you purchase an artwork exclusively for its potential to grow in value, and that increase does not happen, then you might be stuck with something you do not really like, that has cost a large amount of your savings. This would not really be the best situation.

Research the styles of art that appeal to you the most and make a note of your favourite artists, and also the prices that their work has been sold for, and is currently on the market. Discuss with independent experts, their views on certain pieces of work or particular artists. During financial turmoil, the art market is notoriously very strong, and there are large profits to be made.

David Tatham, fine picture dealer for more than quarter of a century, has an extensive knowledge of the biography L.S.Lowry. Signed limited edition prints and drawings can be seen and purchased from this website.

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