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A Detailed Guide To British Art Investment

The demand is sufficiently strong for art British investments in paintings and prints as to guarantee a healthy marketplace at all levels of interest. There are many art-gallery style catalogues where you can search for good deals. It is also possible to browse through galleries that specialize in a particular type of works of art. There is even a possibility of getting well priced deals by visiting flea markets where once in a while, you may find a masterpiece, but this is very rare, and highly unlikely..

Though contemporary British art is a thriving business, it may not be wise to choose it as your preferred investment vehicle. There are too many possible variables to be certain of increasing worth. Indulge in buying these forms of art only to satisfy your artistic cravings but not by spending all your money in the venture.

The high end section of the market has been growing steadily over the last couple of years or so which spells good news for both artists and collectors alike. Some of the private collectors have seen their modest acquisitions achieve even greater value as the years pass by. A number of artists that first came into the scene in the nineties are today well known and their work is highly sought after throughout the world.

Whatever your level of interest in the market, there are some factors you need to keep in mind when looking for an aquisition. To begin with, do not restrict yourself to work displayed in a particular gallery, no matter how well diversified their offering is. Try a mixed variety of different artists and galleries. Visiting these places will ensure that you get a good feel of the variety that is available and you can make your choices from the very best available.

Look for reputable publications and review forums that constantly feature the best creations in the contemporary British art scene. Here you will be able to get expert analysis as well as recommendations about what is worth adding to your growing collection. Gradually, you will find that your understanding and taste will improve as your collection grows.

Even if diversity in interest is a commendable attribute, it is too much to hope to grow a collection of all the artists and genres. Choose an area of interest for which you have adequate understanding and use it as base to grow your collection. The styles prevalent in one part of Britain eg. Scotland differs significantly from what you get from Welsh artists. You should also specialize in accordance to art forms like figurines, portraits, conceptual or realism.

Another factor that you cannot compromise on is the quality of artwork for your collection. If buying from contemporary artists, insist on flawless original framing as was done in the artist studios. For pieces of art going back many years, it may be inevitable that you will have a few marks and scratches on the frame, but even then, the damage must not be such as to lower the total value of the painting.

When making choices in art British investments of paintings and prints, one must be a little cautious. While it may not be advisable to sink all your savings in any one piece of art, growing a genuine collection is a proven way of accumulating wealth. Whatever the case though, you must insist on quality for every piece in your collection.

David Tatham, fine picture dealer for more than quarter of a century, has an extensive knowledge of the biography L.S.Lowry. Signed limited edition prints and drawings can be seen and purchased from this website.

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